Lithuanian Police School offers basic training for primary level police officers. The Policeman Training Programme is a one-year programme consisting of theoretical and practical studies at Lithuanian Police School as well as field training with the police stations around the country.

The goal of the training curriculum is to train qualified police officers able to respond to information about crimes and administrative offences, maintain public order and traffic safety, prevent crimes and administrative offences, and communicate effectively with people from different social backgrounds.

The training curriculum focuses on the improvement of practical skills, i.e. ability to work at the scene of an incident, carry out vehicle or identity checks, draw up records of administrative offences and traffic accidents, use registries and information systems related to prevention and investigation of crimes and administrative offences, and handle police equipment, etc. The practical police training comprises 70 percent of the curriculum.

The curriculum content focuses on professional training in the following areas:

  • maintenance of public safety and public order;
  • prevention of crimes and administrative offenses;
  • detection and investigation of administrative offenses;
  • identification of characteristics of the crime.

Special attention is paid not only to the improvement of professional skills (e.g. maintenance of public order and traffic safety) but also to the development of general skills such as respect for human rights and freedoms, the law and the state as well as perception and compliance with the moral norms and social values. In addition, the Lithuanian Police School cadets are taught communication skills that are necessary in carrying out prevention work and providing social assistance to the community.

The cadets who have successfully completed the training curriculum and have a positive evaluation of their competencies are granted the police officer’s qualification. After acquiring a police officers’ qualification the cadets shall start a career in police agencies and assume a C-level position.

Last updated: 22-03-2021