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2021 10 13
International training for instructors

On October 5-7, the Lithuanian Police School hosted an international training for police instructors, which was attended by the representatives of Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. During the international event, officers improved their professional tactical skills in response to attacks in open public places.

2021 03 22
International cooperation does not stop during the quarantine, it only takes other forms

Participants from 5 countries, including a representative of the Lithuanian Police School (hereinafter referred to as LPS), took part in an international remote conference “International and National Security: Theoretical and Applied Aspects”, organized by the Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) State University of Internal Affairs. In his ...

2021 03 22
Lithuanian Police School has been granted Erasmus + accreditation in the field of education and training

At the beginning of March Lithuanian Police School (hereinafter referred to as LPS) signed an Erasmus + accreditation agreement with the Education Exchange Support Fund. This opens up even greater opportunities for transnational mobility and cooperation projects. Accreditation has been granted for the entire ...