Erasmus+ project: cooperative learning experiences in the training of police officers


2022 09 09


The Erasmus+ project Development of the international conception of police cadets training through cooperative learning No 2019-1-LT01-KA202-060725 which lasted for three and which connected three states including Lithuania, Poland and Croatia with one common aim to create a united material for training of police officers and as well methodological recommendations for trainers which shall be integrated into the teaching programmes of the states was completed.

A creation of international police students teaching conception while coorporating is to be a totally new project. Until now partners of the project used to perform an exchange of students only in a form of trainings and visits. A teaching measure which has been created following the afore-mentioned project is to be prepared on the basis to the general elements of all areas of police teaching competencies of all parties of project. Learning subject to cooperation concept allows instructors to organise a learning process which covers specific teaching themes and pecularities of work of police officer in other stated and as well the learners have a change to share their experience, knowledge and abilities with members of group of students from other states.

United various foreign states police officers preparation studies material is to be regarded for international groups of police students is to be directed to the practical studies. There are to be applied teaching methods and measures force the students not only to get a deeper understanding about a theme, but to exchanges various abilities and experience, communicate and acquire abilities of high quality and competencies which cooperating.

This teaching is to be distiguishable, because it has an aim to unite teaching methods of state parties, tasks and procedure of making these tasks as well to arrange a volume of different themes by applying a number of different programme subject credits. This allows to evaluate the acquired competencies and achievements under ECVET system (including a recognition of credits), after their participation in trainings abroad, in the institutions of partners of the project.

An integration of this material into the programmes of preparation of police officers within three partner states and recognition of credits within an international level, under ECVET system ensures a long lasting benefit of application of results of projects after a completion of the project.